For information and reservation please call:

Mobile       +39 340 48 22 530

Tel office   +39 0789 50 232

Fax           +39 0789 56 54 99

E-mail       info@centroserviziigirasoli.com                                

If you are in Sardinia, in particular in the area of Olbia, if you need a taxi, do not hesitate to call me. I carry out this work since 1997, my passion for driving, the achieved experience over all this years, put me in the right position to offer a safe and guaranteed service. Punctuality and courtesy are my prerogative. I know very well my country and territory, I do transfer service to and from airports, ports, sight seeing tours to tourist point, all service on request or also non-stop. Should I've been convincing and you think my services meet your approval, please call also for information.

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